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Loyalty Program

BenePanda has designed a loyalty program with enjoying the usage of PandaCoins for our members.

How to EARN? PandaCoins can be earned in three ways. Firstly, with the connection of the step counter, PandaCoins can be earned when certain target is reached in order to promote health and wellness. Newly joined members also have an opportunities to gain PandaCoins simply by activation. Secondly, employees can enjoy 2% rebate in the form of PandaCoins upon every purchase. Thirdly, by tailor-made staff incentive program. HR departments are able to distribute PandaCoins to designated teams and individuals for motivation.

How to SPEND? With PandaCoins, shopping becomes a much more personal experience. Selections of products are curated to employees, and you can purchase anything you love! PandaCoins can also be converted to miles which you can travel anywhere you want!