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Why join BenePanda?

BenePanda aggregates staff discounts by recruiting merchants to offer consumer products and services at an attractive price. We feature >70 brands and >2,000 consumer products covering Fashion, Taste, Living and Travel. In 2020, BenePanda will extend our product range to Wellness, and Entertainment.

Why Join BenePanda 1

Negotiate the best offers with the merchants

Why Join BenePanda 2

Strict policy is implemented to ensure quality service and products are delivered

Why Join BenePanda 3

Provide the sustainable quality of service to improve employees’ lifestyle

Why Join BenePanda 4

A hassle-free solution for Human Resources Department

Why Join BenePanda 5

A premium access to special offers ranging from the worldclass to the local brands

Our Strategic Partners

BenePanda has engaged over 500 corporations. More than 800,000 employees are enjoying these great deals in town.

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About BenePanda

Our Story

BenePanda started the staff benefits programme in Sep 2015, aggregating staff discounts on consumer products and services. In 2019, we have established a strategic partnership with Generali, reaching about 500 corporates and 800,000 employee memberships in total.

Riding on our strong network of corporate members and product suppliers, we are launching our one-stop staff benefits APP in late-March together with our new loyalty programme and new categories: ‘Wellness' and ‘Entertainment' with our new partners - Asiamiles, OnBoard and Now E.


Our mission is to seek and offer employee benefits and consumer goods from the renowned merchants.

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