Kronos Cufflinks

Roman Letters Tourbillon Cufflinks (WAT)

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Kronos Cufflinks

Symbolising a subtle refinement in the modern male dress code, this unique set of cufflinks brings a dash of individuality to the wearer with the stately, measured dance of tourbillon and circular metallic case. Roman numerals encircling the bezel provide another defining characteristic. Under the “Kronos” collection are three different models, available in silver, rose gold and chocolate colours.

  • Name engraving services are available to create a bespoke gift for yourself or your loved ones. (Please send your name engraving details and order number to
  • Priced per pair
Brand Story

JM is a brand of cufflinks and other accessories designed to perfect the appearance of the discerning gentleman and accentuate the values he holds.

Our collections are a contemporary interpretation of cufflink accessory, first popularised in 18th century Britain, embodying a mix of design ingenuity and character. Fashioned from metal, semi-precious stones and other quality materials, with a selection of creative designs, JM cufflinks make the ideal gift for a man on every occasion – university matriculation and graduation, birthday, wedding anniversary, career promotion, retirement and others.

JM adds style and refinement to its collections by incorporating a tourbillon design to every pair of cufflinks it produces.

Embedded in only the most prestigious watches, the tourbillon is one of the most fascinating mechanical complications in timekeeping, a symbol of penultimate achievement, maturity and manhood. To personalise our cufflinks, we can engrave them with names or initials and turn them into unique gifts beautifully presented in a designer box, with a choice of white or black. The cover of one of them is crafted from carbon fibre-textured paper.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial experiences of JM’s creator in the timepiece industry, our brand celebrates the timeless values behind the success of every self-made man. Values like discipline, resilience and above all, a commitment to making optimum use of time to attain one’s goals and milestones of life.

Delivery / Returns

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  • We gladly accept return or exchange of defective or faulty items for up to 14 days after the shipment date.

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